Thursday 6 June 2013

Studio 12 - Tile Coasters

Hi Lizzie here again !!!
I thought I would make some coasters out of some tiles
my friend had left over from having her kitchen done.

Wow these are so easy to make ......
BUT you need a lot of patience, and the right tools.
They are not an instant make !

All the images are made from that CD.
I made up the image of the watering can and tree
in my graphics program using elements from the cd.
Words are from the sentiments on the CD too.
The pink flowers are one of the papers !

Here's how to make them.

1. Spray your inkjet printed image with a sealant so the image doesn't run.
If you have a laser printer you don't need to do this.
It will need two coatings but it is important you let each one dry.

Don't spray close to the paper/card as you get black marks
(I learnt the hard way in that!)

2. Make sure your tile is clean and dry.

3 Cut your sealed image to size.

4. Use a flat foam brush to paint Modge Podge on the tile.
Be careful to not overload it as this will cause air pockets.

5. Place your image on the tile and press down securely 
So all edges and corners are not lifted up.
(I used another bit of card to press on top so I didn't damage the image)
Important, let it dry! Don't miss this stage out as I found when I did the final stage didn't work
As I got enamel under my image.......
Wash your glue brush too.

6. Paint a Layer of Modge Podge over the image, 
a thin layer is better, keeping all brush strokes in one direction.
You will see them slightly when dry.
You can create a nice effect of hatching if you alternate vertical
                                                     and horizontal tho! Let it dry!

Repeat so you have at least three layers of Modge Podge on top of your image.
Leave for at least 24hrs before the next stage.
I left it for 48 hrs.

7. Spray your tiles with clear enamel spray.
Again thin layers are better, if you put too much on
It will make a mark, stain .. Not sure what to call it.
Let dry as per instructions on the can.
Mine was to dry and spray within an hour
or leave it then for 24 before spraying another layer.
Spray at least three layers.

Your coasters now need to be left for at least 48 hrs.
I used some furniture sticky pads under my tiles
so that they wouldn't scratch any furniture, you could use cork also.
Modge podge takes 4 weeks to cure but I found by using the enamel
I could put a hot cup on it without it marking or sticking in 48 hrs.
But after 4 weeks you can feel the difference, leave if possible.
They are able to take a cold glass and deal with the condensation too.
Wipe dry don't put in a dishwasher.

Hope you like them !


  1. Lizzie these are fab! I love them and I am going to try and do some myself. Where do you get the modge podge???

    Sally xx

  2. Absolutley stunning work Lizzie.

  3. WOW Lizzie these are fabulous and a great tutorial.

    Linda xxx

  4. These are beautiful, great project and instructions!

  5. These are amazing - how beautiful! TFS


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