Want to join our DT?...

We have an amazing team of creative minds here at Polkadoodles and the focus is on TEAM and not ME!

We are always on the lookout for Team talent and prefer to find people organically rather than specific DT calls, so if you would love to join us please see below for our requirements....

ALL OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE BLOG WHICH SHOWCASES THEIR WORK AND BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES (if you don't please read ** at the bottom of the post why we have this criteria**)

Style of Crafter we look for:
We are famous for our clear stamps, dies, papers, downloads & digital stamps, but our products are in amazing collections and we appeal to lots of different styles of crafters. Our team uses a wide variety of products and you will be expected to print out all your papers and have a handle (if not an expert) on how to download and print what you use.
So you must have a decent printer and be prepared to do this.
We also provide SVG cutting files so if you have a Silhouette Cameo or Scan n Cut or other electronic cutting machine you will love our images.

We are not all about colouring although obviously this is a big part of what we do - we also want traditional paper crafters who love florals, making boxes, decor, concept cards and mixed media too so dont think you cant apply if you dont colour - we have a lot of diversity in our team and we pick people who can bring something new to the mix that we don't already have.

Composition and Quality of work - as we are a high profile company we expect our team to showcase our products in the best way possible - this means we expect a decent skill level of crafter, composition of your cards and how you put designs together is important to us and you should be able to show this on your blog posts too.

Photography - we need you to represent our Brand in a positive way to a high standard and this means your photography also has to be a high standard. 

1. Commitment....We have a large team which is split into smaller sub teams which have slightly different roles.
We expect a good level of social level engagement from our team - so if you are someone who sits on the sidelines and turns up once a month to show your work, you're probably not for us. 
We engage together and interact a lot with our customers to enhance and encourage their crafting experience and our own and this makes us feel like one huge family which is very rewarding for everyone and feeds our creativity.

We are very team orientated and this will probably be like no other team you've been part of before - so if you are someone who is looking to get famous quick, further your career and get into TV and think this team is a stepping stone to bigger and better things then we are not for you....we want people who genuinely love our products and want to be part of something bigger and better than their own solo ambitions.

By being part of a successful team you will receive many rewards - including recognition across the crafting community, showcasing your work through our popular channels and large customer base and even the possibility of having your best work shown on TV and working on special projects, but this is earned and is part of the whole process.

You will be supported all the way in your crafty endeavours but in return we expect dedication and commitment long term.

You will be rewarded with lots of amazing products you will love, with a steady supply of new stash each month. We cannot pay you monetarily for your work but product value will outweigh any monetary value you would expect and you will receive a generous discount in the store.

Polkadoodles Friday - Weekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus 2 weekly Blog Posts.
The team's mission is to promote the Polkadoodles range of products worldwide.
Commitment to make physical samples which might be shown on TV Craft Channels and at Craft Shows as and when required.

Digi Choosday (Tuesday) - Weekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus 1 Weekly Blog Post (2 per month).
The team's mission is to specifically promote our Digital Downloads worldwide.
Commitment to make physical samples which might be shown on TV Craft Channels and at Craft Shows as and when required

Pink GemsWeekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus every 2 weekly Blog Post (2 per month)
The team's mission is to promote the Pink Gems range of products worldwide.

We Love 2 Create - Weekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus 2 weekly Blog Posts (2 per month).
The team's mission is to promote the Polkadoodles Mixed Media product range of products worldwide on our Mixed Media Challenge blog.

Visual Media Team - 2 YouTube TUTORIAL BASED videos per month minimum (not including hauls).
The team's mission is to promote the Polkadoodles full product range of products worldwide through YouTube and Social Media.

2. Commenting and Voting - We love to thank people who enter our challenges so every teamie is required to do this on a rota system so it's not too much work.

So if you still want to apply please email us HERE telling us why we should choose you and links to your blog and Social Media pages - we look forward to hearing from you!

Why we insist on you having an active blog: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Here at Polkadoodles we insist that all our team have a blog where they can showcase their work. Many people don't understand this and think having a blog is unnecessary when we are all now so involved in other social media such as Facebook.
The reason we insist on it is this:

As part of the Polkadoodles Design Team your job is to showcase our products to as many people as possible across the world by showing them what they can make with our products. 

If you have a Facebook account you probably on average have maybe 200-300 friends. Some of these will be your family and friends that have nothing to do with craft.

Twitter - you maybe have 100 followers on Twitter
Pinterest - perhaps 100 followers
Instagram - the same.

Blog - perhaps you only have 50 followers on your blog.

Facebook works on engagement - meaning that if someone doesnt actually comment or interact with your posts ie sharing etc, after about 3 or 4 weeks your post stops appearing on their timeline. People MUST engage on Facebook to see what you post!
So out of your 300 friends probably only 100 actually see what you post and maybe half of those are not crafters. So you are actually promoting to about 50 people.
MORE IMPORTANTLY - the only people who can actually see YOUR Facebook posts are your FRIENDS - that means you can never reach new people organically and your 'reach' is very limited. The world does not revolve around Facebook and the worldwide craft community is not on your friends list (you're only allowed 5000 friends anyway).

The same principles apply to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - but here your photos are able to be seen publicly and people can follow you without having to ask permission.

With a blog you might only have 50 or even less blog followers but your blog is open to the entire world - anyone can visit your blog! Your Blog posts are fed through Google and can appear in searches. Basically someone in Timbuctoo can happen across your blog at any time and read it and comment and not ever have to sing up, sign in or make any form of contact with you.

Think of it this way, it's easy....

You're walking down Social Media street, a little cash in your pocket, window shopping for stash.
You walk into the Facebook shopping centre/mall....and you can see all your friends' shops, but you see a ton of other shops which all have their doors closed and you need to be a member or know the doorman to get in. That's so annoying! They are called Crafty Carol's and Creative Claire, but you can't see what's inside because the shutters are on the windows and you have to actually ask permission to be allowed inside to see what's going on. 
So you have a quick look in your friends' stores then leave the mall and carry on down Social Media street and find ....
Pinterest - oooo look! Pretty pictures!! You get lost in there for days!...
Twitter - oooo lots of interesting shops and they just appear in front of me with their shops and offers and messages but I can't very easily see what was there beyond a few hours ago....
Instagram - oooo lots of pretty stuff too and no sales people I can just mooch around but I have to really find the stuff I like using a hashtag!....
Blogs....Wow! Look at this shop! Here there's pretty pictures but this shop tells me how they made this and where I can buy all the stuff from, and they're in Timbuctoo, wow! Oh and I can see what they made 10 years ago too, it's all in a library look! cool! And look, I can actually sign up to follow this blog through BlogLovin and their tutorials and posts come straight to my email box too - how cool is that, I don't even have to work hard or remember to go look at this person's blog page, it find my inbox! Super easy for me to see all their craft projects!

Facebook is a closed door that you have to ask permission to access, and if you don't keep going in the shop and talking to the person on the till you lose your access within a few weeks and you're locked out again, missing out on all those goodies and you dont even realise it.

We need you to be working with open Social Media platforms and a blog enables you to build a permanent library of work where people can go back years and years and find things.  Wherever they are in the world, and whether they know you or not.

Quite simply it's about promoting to the WORLD, not just to your personal, small circle of friends.
Although they're obviously important too ; )