Friday, 9 August 2013

Family Tree peg board

Lizzie here !!! Its my turn to do a tutorial,
I used this fabulous Digi Download to make my family tree.

Hootie Trees Download Bundle

EVERYTHING you see that is printable 
on this project is from this download !!!

I am researching my family history and I thought
what better way to use these trees
as a picture board for my little girls room !!
Infact as its the summer hols you could make this
with your child very easily.
After all they all do their family tree at school !!
What a great project to take to show and tell !!

The idea is each tree type is a different generation.

Here is how I made it.

Print off and cut out a tree of your choice to be the main tree.
I printed it off at A4 size at that fitted my board.
You could use a canvas to make this
so if you do make sure your large tree fits nicely.

Print and cut out enough trees for your family history.
I used three generations so chose three different trees.
Using a different tree for a different generation

Print and cut a topper from the download.
I needed more than one and stuck them together to
cover my board.

You will also need
1. Enough pegs for your mini trees and doodle dewdrops.
2. A back to hang your project with. I used the back of a clip frame.
3. Hot glue and gun.
4. Double sided tape and 3D foam pads.

Using your double sided tape
cover the board with your printed topper sheet.
(I stuck mine to the board and then cut the excess away
as the first time I did it I didn't get it straight !)

Take your large tree and place a double layer of foam pads
on the back to create height.

Using your mini trees to help you,
space out and glue into place your pegs.

I then glued Doodle Dewdrops onto each peg.
You could use a mini picture of each person if you wanted !

Write on the back of the mini trees
1. The name of the person
2. The date of birth
3. Sadly if that person is no longer with us
the date they passed.

You can write in the name of the persons tree on the bottom
in the white area if you so chose,
my handwriting is rubbish so I didn't !!!

Hope you like it !!!
My eldest now wants me to make her one !!
Happy crafting.


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