Thursday 19 May 2016


Hey all you awesome crafters!

New awesome crafters required for our fabulous team!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE THAN ONE PERSON as we have 3 different teams so this call is open until all our positions are filled.
We are looking for general cardmakers, colourists who like to use digis and anyone who loves to digiscrap!

At Polkadoodles we have a variety of products from digistamps and clear and rubber stamps, digital CD collections to die cut sheets,  not to mention lots of other things we do and make. We sell our lovely products around the world and we need talented crafters to help us promote what we do and are on the lookout for exceptional creative talent that can help us make our products look great and help to promote the Polkadoodles brand.

We love crafting and we need people who love our products and what we do to come and join the fun!

We do have some stringent requirements for our teamies but if you can manage the following we'd love to hear from you:

1. You must be able to commit to a team - many people underestimate how important this is, we're not interested in people who flit from team to team to gain new stash or having no staying power, we commit to you and so we need that commitment back.
2. You must be able to complete projects on time to deadline - deadline failure is a big no no!

3. Blogs and Social Media - you MUST have a blog which is updated regularly and be present on Social Media - or if you're not you must be willing to be involved in Social Media. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and any others that come along too! If you can’t engage regularly through Social Media with our potential customers then this role is not for you.

4. You must be able to post at least one project every 2 weeks and an additional project here and there as and when required.
5. Samples – we are a high profile Company and we need people who can make physical samples (if you’re in the UK) to tight deadlines as and when required.

We look for variety within the team so it's not always about having the best of everything in one person - we want to show how versatile our products are.
Skill level - you need to be of a suitable skill level and be capable of good composition in your projects. Projects need to be finished to a high standard.
Colouring skills – You don’t need to be the greatest colourist in the world but if you are then it earns brownie points! We need great colourists AND people who make beautiful projects so you need to be a good all rounder.
Photos - you MUST be able to take good photos of your work. Your photos represent our products and they need to be a good standard to showcase them properly.
You will be generously rewarded with products to use during your time on the team in return for your hard work and commitment.

Most of all - we need people who ADORE craft and live and breathe for it. We want people who are always looking to improve their skills and who are team players in it for the long haul.

So if this is you, email us with why you wanna be in the team and examples of some work, we’d love to see them!

email us a short bio explaining why we should choose you (no more than 50 words please!) together with your BLOG & Social Media links to:

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 30 JUNE, all applicants will receive a reply once a decision has been made either way. 

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