Friday, 12 July 2013

Using a word document to create a one layer card

As a person who can be a little bamboozled by technology at times, I thought it would be nice to go back to basics to create my project. I use word to create many of my sentiments or use it to create pages of designs to then print on Safmat. So this made me think, whether I could use the same skills to create a one layer card and you guessed it, I did!!!

I am using Word in Windows 7 for this project.

Open a word document and change the paper orientation to landscape. As I will be making my card front first, I need to work on the right hand side of the open page. To begin insert your first paper design from the CD of your choice. I am using the Bonbon Belles CD and in particular the Coconut Ice and Apple Lagoon sections.

Begin by inserting a design on to your page using the "insert picture" option. Once the paper design is on your page you will need to format it so that you can then move it around your page. Highlight the design and then use the right hand button on your mouse; this will bring up a sub menu (see photo below). Scroll down to "wrap text" and then over to "square". This will allow you to move the paper design anywhere on your page. Remember to do this for every item you insert in to your design.

Once this part is done, you can now resize and move your design to cover the right hand side of your page. If you want to make the paper a set size, you will see that when the item is highlighted (blue lines appear around design), in the top right hand corner of the menu bar, there is a size section. You can enter the dimensions you want to use in here (see photo below) ...

To create my sand/land part, I am going to insert a shape. Go to the "insert" section in your tool bar and then along to "shapes" (see photo below). Choose the shape that you want to use and then draw it on to your page.

Now did you know that you can change your shape and make it do lots of things? Make sure your shape is highlighted (see photo below) by clicking on it. A "drawing tools" tool bar will now appear. Begin at the "shape fill" section and scroll down to "picture" section. Click on this  ...

This will now let you fill the shape with any design you like. Highlight the design you want to use and press "insert". Your shape will now "fill" with your design.

Your shape will still have a solid line around it and as I wanted the two designs to blend, I have chosen to remove the line. Using the same section as for above, go down to "shape outline" and a further sub menu appears. Make sure you then highlight "no outline" (see photo below) ...

There is still even more you can do to your shape .... like add a shadow, reflection, glow and more! This again can be found in the same section on your tool bar as for the above previous actions. Photo below gives you an idea of some of the options but you can have fun playing with them!

Well here's the "designing bit". Add a selection of images you want to use to create your card front. You will need to make sure that you "format" them (as per the background) and resize if necessary.

Here's my finished card front and I have layered the gorgeous, lickle beach huts one behind the other. I have added a sentiment to the front of my card but not quite sure if I really like it's placement there .... maybe it will go on the inside. Print off your design and if you are using an inkjet printer, turn your card over to print on the other side.

Here is the design for the inside of my card which is identical to the background I created on my card front. For speed, "copy and paste" each layer, placing them side by side. I then printed off the design.

Okay there is one bit you might need to do as well which is make sure each object is in the correct order. If you want to bring a design to the front or back, highlight (click on) the design and then use/click  your right mouse button. A sub menu will appear. Scroll down to either "bring to front" or "send to back" and this will place your image either in the foreground or background. In the photo below (as an example), I have asked the yellow paper to go to the back and you can see how it has disappeared behind the clouds paper.

Once you have finished printing, fold your card in half and trim down if necessary. Voila, a simple, one layer card.

However, me being me, couldn't resist adding some texture, shape and height to my card! I created a shaped effect by cutting around the beach huts and clouds, plus layering some of the beach hut elements.

On the inside I created an inner panel with the sentiment, finishing off the design with that gorgeous bunting. I have also printed off some more embellishments from the CD, to add to my picture.

A closer look at the top of the card, cutting around the clouds to create an unusual edging to the top.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it has inspired you to use your word package in a completely different way.



  1. Fabulous tutorial Lou :-) WOW!

  2. This is awesome Lou!! Might have to try it out!!! HUgsxx

  3. Great tutorial Lou. Well explained throughout. Will definitely give this a try. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Nina

  4. Great card. I never use Word.. always use Publisher when I need to print stuff

  5. Brilliant!! thank you for the tutorial and what a lovely result your card is gorgeous x

  6. Tutorial is really useful thanks, and the card is lovely. Will have to give this a go. A tutorial on Safmat would be good too (hint, hint). Thanks again.


    1. Melanie, I adore Safmat and use it all the time, so leave it with me ..... ;)

  7. This is great I will have to give this a go... thanks so much for sharing x

  8. Fabulous Tutorial. I will be having a go too asap. Well done ;)
    Marg x

  9. Fabulous tutorial and a gorgeous card, I love it, thank you.

    Jan x

  10. Great tutorial, will be having a go very soon!

  11. Wow, easy to make and a great result! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Maja


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