Friday, 26 April 2013

Tutorial - Flower Pegs

Welcome to the first Tutorial that we hope to bring you on a regular basis!  Today is a rather simple but pretty way of using pegs!

You will need the following:

Sugar Birdies cd
6 wooden pegs
1 A4 sheet of thin white card
1 A4 sheet of clear vellum

From the Sugar Birdies cd, print off one of the flower sheets so that you get 4 sets on a sheet of A4 card.  Do the same with a sheet of clear vellum.  Put the card back through your printer and print a contrasting block colour on the reverse.

Cut out one set of the card flowers (6) and two sets of the vellum flowers (12)

Next, layer up the card and vellum flowers - keep the vellum layers at the top

Gently curl the petals to give them some dimension

And then glue to the pegs - make sure you don't glue the bit where the spring goes!

You could add a button to the centre and thread some twine through - I was lazy and couldn't find any black buttons!

Hope you liked the tutorial!