Friday, 18 September 2009

Tutorial for Challenge 18 - DIY Flowers - Part 2

Here is part 2 of a tutorial on how to make your own flowers!

Again I used Candy Doodles cd and printed the backing papers on both sides of 100gsm paper. You will also need a compass, scissors and pencil. Other embellishments and ink are optional. The flowers took around 30 minutes to make in total.

I firstly printed on two sheets of A4 - both sides were used and I printed at A5 setting.

I then cut 4 different sized circles from the paper.

And then roughly ripped 4 more different sized circles from the paper (I used a compass as a guide)

From the first set of circles, I made a small cut around the edge, creating a fringe.

For the second set of circles, I followed the same method, but used the ripping technique.

I then inked all the edges.

Next, I layered all the roughly torn circles to create a flower, fluffing out the petals. I then layered all the neatly cut circles.

I added seed beads to the centre of one flower and mixed flat back gems to the other, although you could add what ever you wanted.

And finally!! Yes I did have a bit of a roll making these flowers! Again using Candy Doodles, I printed the black and white polka dots on one side and the pale pink on the reverse of another sheet of A4 100gsm glossy paper.

I then cut two sets of 5 different sized circles by using a compass (I simply guessed the sizes rather than measuring - its easier and quicker!)

Randomly, I cut a 'v' shape all around the edges of each circle - this creates petals.

I then gently curled back each petal on each flower to create a 3d effect.

The flowers were layered alternating between black / white and pink to create two full flowers.

The centres then had a pale pink button added and I threaded a very thin strip of off cut paper through the centre holes and tied it.

This was then added to the centre of the flower.

And that's it - really simple and quick to make! Here are all the flowers I made through the two tutorials.

Hope you've enjoyed your two tutorials for the price of one!


  1. Wonderful flowers, thanks for sharing. Anesha

  2. Again, fabulous. Thanks for sharing. eileen

  3. 2 great tutorials, lovely flowers! Thanks for sharing.

    Rose xx


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