Sunday 24 November 2013

Tutorial - Paper Bauble

Hello there! Asha here and it's my turn to do the weekly tutorial. I'm going to show you how to make this fun paper bauble which was posted on Friday for our PolkaDoodle Challenge "Inspired By A Christmas Carol".

1. Cut out 20 circles out of patterned paper of the same design or a combination. You can use a die or a punch to cut out the circles but make sure they are all the same size. For my sample, I used a 2" die. Also, cut / punch 1 extra circle out of plain paper which will serve as a template.

2. Make a triangle template. Take the plain circle and fold it in half horizontally and vertically so that the circle is creased into quarters (circle 1 below). Fold each side to meet the centre starting at the bottom (circle 2 below).  Next fold down the top right, followed by the top left, each time meeting at the centre. (circle 3 below). Cut along the crease lines and you will end up with an equilateral triangle. This is your template (circle 4 below)

3. Place the template on the circle, with the pattern facing up, and fold up the circle along the sides of the triangle. Make sure you get a good crease on the circle to match the triangle template.

4. Repeat this on all the remaining circles.

5. Start by glueing 5 circles at the folded flaps, as shown below. This will form the "lid" of the bauble.

6. Cut some twine or thin ribbon, fold in half and tie a knot to make a loop.

7. Carefully pass the loop through the middle of the "lid". Use a needle or pokey tool to help you push. Pull the loop through until it stops at the knot. The "lid" is now ready.

8.  Next, glue 10 circles together in a strip - this will form the body of the bauble. Finally, glue the remaining 5 circles in the same way as for the "lid" to make the bottom.

9. Finally, assemble the bauble by gluing the top 5 flaps of the strip to the 5 free flaps of the "lid". This will leave you with 5 free flaps (see below) which you will glue to the free flaps of the bottom piece, thereby closing the bauble and completing the sphere.

10. Your bauble is now ready! 

This project was great fun to make. It does involve some cutting / punching and folding, which makes this the perfect project for the entire family.  Have fun making these for Christmas!


  1. Looks fab too - how many more will you make for your tree this year?


    1. 12 and I've got 3 more to make...which will probably be on the day before we put up our tree. LOL....Asha

  2. Wow Asha this bauble is fantastic, I am gunna have a go at this later. I have several punches I can use to do this from 2" up.
    Great step by step so thank you.

  3. This is amazing - what a fabulous tutorial!

  4. Fabulous, thank you for sharing. x

  5. That's a fab looking bauble. Thanks for sharing.


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