Sunday 31 March 2013

Keeping it clean and simple

Clean and Simple cards are very in vogue at the moment and I thought I'd give it a go .... which as many people know, I like to add loads to my cards, this will indeed be a challenge for me .....

My card has been made using a selection of stamps from the NEW Studio 12 range which can be found HERE and also the NEW Stamp Slab products which can be found HERE. This is a photo heavy tutorial only because I didn't want you to miss anything ....

1] I stamped the heart on to a piece of white card using 2 complimentary ink colours. This piece will be your "rough copy" so gives you a chance to play with colours! Now place the wings to look like they are flying on either side of the heart and cut out leaving a small border.

2] Now stamp the wings on to some vellum and leave to dry. I have used a pearlescent vellum for added sheen. From the back, emboss the wings to add shape and I have even added little marks around the edge to look like blanket stitch. Once you have embossed the wings, cut them out.

3] Carefully place your vellum wings on to your "heart and wings" (step 1) and stamp the sentiment over your heart and wings.

4] I then re inked the heart stamp in one shade of pink and then went around the edges in a darker shade of pink using a paint brush to create a feathering effect and stamped the heart again on a separate piece of white card. I cut this heart out leaving a very small border. At this stage, re stamp the sentiment on to your heart (see below) ...

5] Stick the wings on to the back of the heart lining up the sentiment which means you can now read the whole sentiment. Do not discard your "rough copy hearts and wings" as I have a plan for them! Now the sentiment comes with a "Boy" and a "Girl" stamp and as you can see in the photo, I have stamped the "Girl" on to a scrap of white card. Cut the sentiment out.

 6] Now begin to layer up your design on to a piece of white card. I decided my heart looked plain, so stamped a crown and added some gems to it ..... told you I had to add something ...... !


7] Here is my finished card. The background was made using the Stamp Slab .... a definite must have and soooo much better than the Gelli Plate (personal preference I know) .... and I will explain in another tutorial how I created the background. A little doodling around the edge of the backing piece and voila, my card is finished.

Oooohhh before I forget, do you remember the "rough copy" I said not to discard? (see photo below), well here is what I did with it .....

Yep, I recreated the same card but in blue this time. However I didn't use vellum for the wings, but the existing wings from the rough copy. This heart also has a snazzy heart too ...

Both cards were quick and easy to make but I think I need to resist the temptation to keep adding "things" ! Who know, one day I will truly make a "clean and simple" card .... lol

Have a great Easter weekend,



  1. WOW Lou - this is fabulous. TFS and Happy Easter.

  2. Fabulous Lou, Happy Easter

    Linda xxx

  3. Simply gorgeous hun!xx

  4. Lou this is stunning, love it!

  5. This is beautiful - the simplicity and the quote, crown - great! Very inspirational! :)


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