Sunday, 20 January 2013

When you run out of ink.....

Well that was the dilemma I had this week when making my Studio 12 project .... went to print out my papers and embellishments only to find my printer telling me in no uncertain terms "NO way" . To say I then went in to crafting melt down was an understatement and had a headless chicken moment. Off I went to see what I had spirited away from  previous projects which turned out to be very little. So taking a deep breath finally came up with this ...

 My card is very simple with an embossed hearts background and using a grouped image I had previously made in Craft Artist using "All Sewn Up" embellishments from the Studio 12 Picknix collection. However the only paper I had left was several squares and I didn't want to just matt and layer them so, I turned them in to chevrons instead! They are so easy to make and I think look so effective.

Cut the papers in to smaller squares - mine were 2cm x 2cm. Then cut in half diagonally ....

Now plan out your chevron design and where possible don't match the design up ...!

I put the black bands on to add another layer and not for any other reason. With hindsight, I should of stitched the chevrons in place to match the sentiment ....

This is a great way to use up your paper scraps, although slightly time consuming but isn't it great to try something different every now and then? So what will you do with your scraps today?

x x x

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  1. Love the card :) Really like the idea of trying to use as much as you can with the supplies that you have :)
    XO Mi

  2. Well done, Lou! So creative! Hugs, Miria

  3. You did well under pressure!! This is a fabulous card - I love the chevrons - such a cool idea xx

  4. Brilliant idea and it has made a beautiful card. What is the name of the embossing folder, it is very pretty?

    1. Not sure what the folder is called but it is one from Cuttlebug which I have had a while now. Being me, I haven't kept the packaging to check for you either .... apologies x

  5. love this one clever way to do chevrons .xxxx val

  6. really like this some of our best creations come out of a catastrophe!

  7. Really great and cool idea Lou and love the finished result.
    Fliss xx


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