Friday, 19 November 2010

Design Team announcement...

Phew! We have so much news this week we can't fit it all in!! We could have scheduled the DT news to another day but I hate keeping you all waiting and agonising...

The response to this time's call was quite simply, overwhelming. And overwhelming not just in the number of you who replied but also overwhelming in talent. We actually had a 6 man tie-break would you believe, so I hope this gives you some idea of the torture we've all been in this week!

Before I go any further I have to say a heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who applied and apologise to all of you who didn't quite make it this time.
Both I and the rest of the team really appreciate the time and effort you all put into emailing us with your work and if we could have each and every person who applied on the team then believe me we would. This time's call has been particularly difficult to choose from and please please believe me when I say there wasn't a single one that I wouldn't have had on the team had I been able. So if you're unsuccessful this time please put it down more to logistics than the fact your work isn't good enough - we had somewhere in the region of about 50 people who applied I think so you can imagine how difficult the process has been, and we have had to be really ruthless in making our choices. I also intended to email you all individually but as you can imagine it's just been impossible so I apologise that the news has to be broken in such an impersonal way - and if you haven't been successful this time please please don't take it personally and give up, you have to keep getting out there and trying - there is a place on a team somewhere for everyone! The Polka Doodles Design Team is picked by the current Team members in a democratic vote so we can judge who will fit in with what we need for the blog, rather than just being a personal decision by one person.

So without further ado, I'm extremely proud and pleased to welcome the following people on board the Polka Doodles Express to blogdom!!....drum roll please....
(we only needed 2 more newbies and we ended up with 5 because we couldnt leave the talent unleashed!)

Whoop Whoop! Huge welcome to the team girls and a reassuring welcome back to Saskia who is rejoining us again! We are all so so pleased to have you on board the team and we can't wait to see what you're going to create for us - we just know you'll be bringing us oodles and oodles of inspiration!! If you haven't checked out thes girls' amazing blogs and creations then you need to get on over there pronto!..., this aint over till the fat lady sings (as the saying goes) and that's me...

so as chief pot and bottle washer I decided I couldn't leave it I said before there was just too much talent to choose from so we decided to ask the amazingly talented lovelies below to join us as
Guest Designers for the next 6 months...

Thankyou so much ladies for joining us, we're all really looking forward to seeing what you design for us as are the bloggers out there, I know - we're so happy to have you all on board with us!

phew!! I think I need a rest now - oh no, I can't, so much to do so little time and something about a blog hop?

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  1. Welcome to all the newbies and a huge return Welcome to have been missed. Nikki is quite right about how hard it was to choose - so many talented people out there! Cheers Claire x


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