Friday, 31 July 2009

I want candyyyyy...

...Pheweee what a busy busy week! Here at PD Towers we seem to have an order mountain the size of Ben Nevis and we don't seem to be getting anywhere! Good job the Krismeister is on the case, but seriously, if you are still waiting for an order we apologise profusely (creep creep) and assure you we are on it. All orders are being despatched in date order of when they were placed and we know some seem to be taking ages but we are working almost night and day and will be trying to clear them through the coming weekend.

Right on with the nicey nicey bits. So this is the first week under the new rules and I fink we is all a bit confused, mother! So I'm gonna dispense with all the niceties and get down on it (oo get down on it, 80's throwback there).

First of all - Design Team challenge. The entries for this are now well and truly closed and for all the trillions (well, not quite) of hopefuls out there, got my fingers and toes crossed, the Doodle Dollies are snooping around on your blogs as we speak. I will announce the result on Monday night. Ooooo exciting!

So, the winners of this/last/whenever's challenge was to use the Tropical Birdies download from last time. Have to say laydeeees there were some great entries, it was darned hard to choose, there were some stunning ones this week. Wish I could choose everyone every week, you all work so hard and I hate it when loads of people deserve a mench. When I'm rich and famous I will do a challenge where you are all winners and you can all have fab candy.

So the winners are:

Cornish Mist
and Katie
You lucky girls will all be getting a lovely Sugar Birdies CD! Yay!

We also have to say hi and well done to Paper Creatives who was our newbie winner this week and will get some lovely candy for her troubles.
(can you all email me your addresses please to

Right, on to this week.
We don't have a sketch this week but I challenged the Teamies to use the Candy Doodles CD and make a card/project which is also a gift and this will also be your challenge this week.
There are loads of different options for this, handbag cards, cards that have envelopes with something inside, mini wordbooks, voucher pockets, loads and loads of ideas. AND for a bit of added incentive whilst EVERYONE else seems to be on hols, the winner next week will get a Sugar Birdies CD too. Sigh, I'm just tooo nice...deadline for entries is...Sun 9th August at noon, loadsaaaa time....

As usual the Team have come up with some fab ideas but we are a bit light on entries this week as the entire Team seems to be on holiday at the same time! Tut, no I'm not jealous at all, note to self: must check those holiday requisition forms better next time >:(
So because we wanted to make sure you all have plenty of inspiration we've regurgitated some of the previous challenge entries as the Doodle Dollies have done stacks of projects like this before for you. OMG we are so so lucky to have these lovely peeps on the ya go, enjoy!(apologies for the older entries being at the top, Mr Blogger is doing his usual Thurs night playing up bit for me and I can't get anything to switcheroo).

created by Saskia....Saskia loves getting her teeth into these sort of projects and she hasn't disappointed here, this is makin' me hungry! She's used the distressable flower from the Candy Doodles CD here...
another previous idea from Saskia, a fab tin with little coasters inside - lush, I love this one...(papers from Sugar Birdies CD)...
made by Kerry...again a previous entry here, this gorge bag from Kerry holds sweeties inside! (Or it did before it appeared on Create & Craft and the sweets got shared around the camera guys!)...
made by Kath...this lush bag was entered in a previous challenge and this was a deffo hit with us all, we think it's adorable and sooo easy to make...(papers from Sugar Birdies CD)...
another fab design from Lou and this was also used in a previous challenge too...adorable...

made by Enfys...En entered this fabbylish creation a few weeks ago, awesome!...

created by Ruth...LOVE this handbag from Ruth, I think anyone would love this as a card/pressie...she's used the Candy Doodles stash here and the bag is holding a yummy bar of choccie!...

created by Lou...such a happy happy card...
oooo and look what's inside! gimme gimme!...
created by En... a pamper pressie! flip, what I wouldn't give for that right now!...I love that check paper from the CD and I think En is addicted to those trees, but they're such a good choice, she's a real packaging expert here!...

created by Kath...again we have the trees which are from the Garden collection, think these are the firm faves from the CD so far!
...and an adorable notecard set, again I LOVE these, fantastic!...
Right then, what are you waiting for, go on, scuttle off and get making something lush for your fave peeps...we will see you next week...oh maybe Monday for the DT announcement...thanks for tuning in this week!...


  1. Hello I am very early for this Challenge!
    I used the leftovers from my Printouts yesterday to make this!

    I love the pink polkadot paper so much!

  2. Hi all,
    I made an Exploding Box
    Hope that's suitable. . .

  3. here's my pocket

    Great challenge. I made a 'diaper fold pocket' (Nappy to me!!)

  4. Great challenge again and great work by the DT Team

    Here is mine


  5. Lots of lovely inspiration from the DT. Here's my entry
    Think I may have got it wrong though!:)xx

  6. Hi All!
    I'm a newbie to all that is Polka Doodles, I fell in love with the designs.
    Great gift ideas from the DT too!
    Hers my entry for this challenge - I hope I understood the rules correctly and have posted this in time - got myself a little confused! Am getting older!!!

  7. Hi girls, I haven't been able to play along with the challenges for awhile as I have been sooooo busy but I can this week so HERE goes.


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